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Spitfire Wheat

  • A variety with a good solid grain package and disease resistance, holds up well to harvest rain (high falling numbers in 2011 compared with most other varieties). Spitfire is a bity harder to thresh than some other commercially available varieties.
  • A high yielding variety with early mid maturity, slightly quicker than Baxter in the north and similar to Ventura in the south
  • Australian Prime Hard (APH) classification in Northern Zone and South Eastern Zone
  • Good level of resistance to Stripe rust (MR) based on Adult Plant Resistance
  • Long Coleoptiles with strong early seedling vigour
  • Market leading grain package with large grain size, low screenings and high protein accumulation
  • Excellent Yield potential under extreme Root Lesion Nematode pressure (MT-MI)

Pedigree: Drysdale/Kukri

Pacific Seeds variety notes Spitfire.pdf

EPR Rate: $3.50

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