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Reputation for Research & Advice

Our comprehensive R&D program and on ground staff allows us to provide cutting edge information on seed varieties, treatments and agronomy to our valued customers.


Hart Bros Seeds strives to stay abreast of the latest developments and information in the seed and agricultural industry. We pride ourselves on providing growers and agronomists with detailed information on new varieties, variety specific agronomy and new seed technologies.


Since the late 50’s Hart Bros has been involved in trialing and demonstrations on new agricultural technologies. Our founder, Bernard Hart, was one of the first farmers to grow rape seed (canola) in NSW. For many years Bernard and Hart Bros have been heavily involved with research organisations including GRDC, CSIRO, Farmlink, USYD, Pork CRC, CSU Wagga, Waratah Seeds and the Australian Oilseed Federation.


Hart Bros continues to run an extensive trialing program on their property at Junee. Independently managed by Kalyx, these trials gather valuable information on seed varieties, species, treatments and agronomy. The trials are managed using best practice agronomy so that we can understand the full genetic potential of the germplasm being trialed.  


Today, our team of Robert Hart and the team are strongly involved with industry organisations, breeders, agricultural advisers, rural resellers and grower groups to ensure the most current and relevant information is gathered and delivered to our clients and the wider rural community.

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