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Lancer Wheat

Ideal for Anzac day sowing window in SNSW, with an earlier planting window than Gregory.

  • Short plant type that doesn't produce as much biomass than other early sown varieties, making it favourable for minimum till cropping.

  • Shows good potential on high yielding irrigation with good standability and yield.

  • A slow maturing spring wheat to help capitalise on earlier planting opportunities

  • APH classification in Northern and South Eastern Zones (All NSW and QLD)

  • Solid grain package with good protein delivery, good grain size and low screenings

  • Solid Stripe rust resistance package based on APR(MR) very good resistance to Stem(R) and Leaf rust (R-MR) Shorter canopy height with good resistance to lodging Performs well under crown rot pressure

  • Pedigree: V1184/Chara//Chara/3/Lang

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