Variety Overview


MAXIMUS CL is an exceptionally high yielding, early to mid flowering, potential malt, imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant barley. MAXIMUS CL has CCN resistance but for other disease resistance traits it represents an overall improvement compared to SPARTACUS CL  with improved:


 • Net form net blotch resistance (MR/MSSp)

• Spot form net blotch (MSp)

• Scald resistance (MRMSp)


Similar to SPARTACUS CL, MAXIMUS CL has an erect plant type, strong lodging tolerance and a low-medium head loss risk. The variety also has very good physical grain qualities, including excellent grain retention (grain plumpness) (higher than SPARTACUS CL P) and good hectolitre weight.


The variety has a short coleoptile and it is recommended that sowing depth be considered carefully when planting this variety. MAXIMUS CL has a medium rachilla hair length, longer than SPARTACUS CL P, and will be slightly itchier than SPARTACUS CL  although not as itchy as SCOPE CL.


MAXIMUS  L has been accepted into the Barley Australia malt accreditation program, with earliest potential accreditation in March 2021




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