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VALIANT CL PLUS WHEAT - New release from Intergrain

  • High yielding, Clearfield® Plus, slow season, spring wheat.

  • Australian Hard (AH) classification in the Western and Southern Zones. Potential AH in South-Eastern (Southern NSW) and Northern (Northern NSW/QLD) zones.

  • An excellent varietal option to maximise early sowing opportunities

  • Robust disease resistance package, including very good stem and stripe rust resistance

  • Good yellow leaf spot resistance

  • Offers MRMS resistance to CCN

  • Good grain size, test weight, a moderate plant height and a long coleoptile.

  • A useful variety option where there are residue concerns from previous season imidazolinone herbicide use

  • EPR $4.35/tonne GST Exclusive

  • Available for planting in 2022


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