AGT currently manages four significant regionally based wheat breeding operations at Northam in Western Australia, Narrabri and Wagga Wagga in  New South Wales and Roseworthy in South Australia. 


These wheat breeding programs work both independently and jointly to meet the needs of western, northern, and southern Australian growers.

  • A lower risk Suntop~ and Spitfire alternative

  • Excellent grain size, reduced levels of screenings

  • One of the best performing APH varietie...

  • The highest yielding choice for late April sowing

  • Very flexible sowing window

  • Safer option for sowing dry when germination date is unkn...

  • Dual purpose, winter wheat for grazing and grain production

  • The highest yielding EGA Wedgetail alternative available

  • APH quality classif...

  • Broadly adapted, mid maturity triticale variety

  • Stripe rust and CCN resistant alternative to Kosciuszko

  • High yield potential under a wid...

  • Bred for tolerance to Clearfield Intervix herbicide

  • Mid season maturity, similar to Janz

  • Derived from Annuello/Janz family of wheat

  • ...
  • Hart Bros pick for a high yielding APH variety, with good stripe rust package. Ideal for 2nd week in May planting in Southern NSW.

  • APH qualit...

  • Early to mid maturing wheat, derived from Wyalkatchem

  • Best suited to low-medium rainfall environments of WA, SA, Vic and southern NSW

  • Hi...

  • Slow maturing variety suited to an early sowing window (similar to Gregory)

  • High yielding, APH quality variety

  • Suited to medium rainfall...

  • Hart Bros choice for a hard wheat on high input Irrigation

  • Suited to medium-high rainfall environments

  • Mid season maturity

  • ...
  • Hart Bros Pick for a high yielding grain triticale with a good disease package. 

  • NEW RELEASE VARIETY, available for 2014 sowing

  • Bro...

  • Early-mid maturing, feed quality triticale

  • Tall plant type with reduced awns and excellent disease package

  • Suited to central west NSW, s...

  • Hart Bros pick for March/ April planting, for growers wanting a grazing winter wheat that is awnless, hence suitable for silage/ hay production an...

  • Mid-season maturity, similar to Janz

  • Broad adaptation, suited to southern NSW, Vic and SA

  • Fully awned with moderate straw strength

  • ...

  • Early maturing variety, targeting central west and southern NSW

  • Suited to low-medium rainfall areas

  • High grain yield with excellent grai...

  • Late season maturing variety, suited to a mid April sowing window

  • Awnless dual purpose wheat

  • Silage and hay potential, can be used as a...

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