• Bilby is a highly promising potential milling oat variety from the SARDI National Oat Breeding Program. It is early / mid season in maturity which...

  • Common Vetch

  • Earlier in maturity by 7-12 days than Rasina (from seeding to full flowering 90-100 days)

  • High yielding, highly rust resist...

  • Early vigour and harvest height of Mandelup is slightly greater than Belara and Tanjil

  • Slightly earlier flowering and maturity than Belara

  • ...
  • Hart Bros recommended milling oat 

  • Early maturing dwarf type milling and feed grain oat

  • High yielding –suitable for various rainfall are...

  • Maturity - Early maturing (minimum 1 week earlier than Carrolup, Williams &      Bannister

  • Excellent gain quality with low screenin...

  • Kowari is a highly promising oat variety from Heritage Seeds

  • It is dwarf in stature slightly taller than Mitika with excellent grain quality...

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