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  • Ideal species for summer forage where summer growing conditions are marginal or opportunistic (Central &Southern NSW, Vic, SA).

  • Hardy annual...

  • Annual Summer Crop, grown mainly for its use in birdseed mixes

  • Heavier grain weight than Jap and Shirohie

  • High grain yield compared to o...

  • Tall semi leafless Dun type field pea

  • Excellent vigour and bulky upright growth

  • Most suitable variety for brown manuring, green manuring...

  • Hart Bros recommended for an early planted dual purpose oat with excellent forage production and grain recovery.

  • Winter habit

  • Semi-dwarf...

  • Dual-purpose type suitable for early to mid season sowing, grazing and grain recovery

  • Early and total dry matter production are similar to Co...

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