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Seed Treatments

Hart Bros Seeds is determined to deliver the highest quality standards when it comes to professionally applied seed treatments. Our modern seed treaters are designed to apply numerous treatments with the highest efficacy and in the most efficient manner.


Hart Bros offers a range of seed treatment products on various species to service our customer’s needs. We also offer an application service for products you wish to supply yourself, provide legume inoculants and inoculation and pasture mixing.  


Our broadacre seed lines are offered with a standard treatment option which, at a minimum, covers the control of smuts and bunts in cereal species. In adapting to changing farming practices this standard may also include products that suppress Rhyzoctonia and Pythium and has an insecticide component.


Grain storage insects can have a massive impact on seed quality and cause potential issues for growers storing grain on farm. Hart Bros has a comprehensive management strategy to ensure these pests are controlled and treat most of our seed with a long term grain storage insecticide to protect it to the point of sale.

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