Wheat (Triticum spp.) is one of the world’s most important staple crops, being the leading source of vegetable protein in human food and having a higher protein content than other major cereals.  


Wheat is an annual winter growing crop that is productive and can grow in a number of environments and soil types. Australian wheat is generally white grained, however their are also red grained varieties available.


When new varieties are bred/ released they are given a maximum quality classification, that is, the maximum grain quality that can be achieved based on the varieties genetic capabilities and the environment in which they are grown. Farmers will generally select varieties based on the following traits:

  1. Yield

  2. Quality

  3. Disease resistance (Stripe Rust, YLS, CCN, RLN etc.)

  4. Sowing window

Winter wheats are varieties that require a vernalisation response &/or photoperiod to initiate reproduction. This eliminates some of the frost risks of sowing early (Feb-April) and allows the opportunity to graze valuable forage with minimal to nil impact on the grain yields.

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  • Good high yield stability in target growing areas

  • Very high yield potential suits irrigation

  • Excellent milling and protein for APW wheat

  • A high yeilding soft wheat - ASFT(soft) in South Eastern and Northern Zones

  • Mid season maturity suited to a main season planting

  • Market...

  • Exceptionally high yielding early-mid maturing AH wheat

  • Similar yield potential to Scepter

  • Very strong higher-end yield opportunity

  • ...
  • High yielding, main season line

  • Australian Prime Hard Wheat (APH) classification for south-east zone.

  • Compact plant type with medium-sho...

  • Bred for tolerance to Clearfield Intervix herbicide

  • Mid season maturity, similar to Janz

  • Derived from Annuello/Janz family of wheat

  • ...
  • Early to mid maturing wheat, derived from Wyalkatchem

  • Best suited to low-medium rainfall environments of WA, SA, Vic and southern NSW

  • Hi...

  • NEW RELEASE VARIETY: Available for 2015 plantings

  • Best returning 'quick' APH variety in Northern Zone

  • APH quality classification in Nort...

  • High yielding, mid season durum variety

  • Erect, semi dwarf plant type

  • Resistant to stem rust, stripe rust and leaf rust

  • Adult plant...

  • Industry benchmark for yield in early May plantings

  • Excellent yield potential in early to mid season sowings in Queensland and NSW

  • Mediu...

  • Hart Bros pick for dryland soft wheat with extreemly high yield

  • A high yeilding soft wheat - ASFT Biscuit in Northern, South Eastern and Sout...

  • A variety with a good solid grain package and disease resistance, holds up well to harvest rain (high falling numbers in 2011 compared with most o...

  • Early maturing variety, targeting central west and southern NSW

  • Suited to low-medium rainfall areas

  • High grain yield with excellent grai...

  • Early-mid maturing variety, slightly quicker than Scout, Mace and Wyalkatchem

  • Targeting southern NSW, Vic and SA

  • Predominately suited to...

  • Early - mid season maturity, with a mid May sowing window

  • AH quality wheat suited to WA, SA, Vic and sNSW

  • Yielding consistently higher t...

  • Adapts time to maturity in response to the season

  • Wide planting window across medium rainfall zones of southern NSW and Victoria

  • High yi...

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Early Season (May - June Sowing)