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• Competitive growth habit with medium plant height

• Medium spring maturity with potential for early sowing

• Improvement in resistance to...

  • Good high yield stability in target growing areas

  • Very high yield potential suits irrigation

  • Excellent milling and protein for APW wheat

  • Highest yielding medium sized kabuli chickpea in mid to high yield potential environments (greater than 1.5 t/ha) in all kabuli growing areas of A...

  • High yielding faba bean variety for short season areas in the Southern Region

  • Early flowering particularly when sown early

  • Medium plant...

  • Mid-late flowering Kaspa type field pea with improved Bacterial blight resistance

  • Vigorous growth for semi-leafless, semi-dwarf plant type

  • ...
  • Early flowering and maturing medium sized kabuli chickpea

  • Improved grain yield over Almaz

  • 8-9mm grain size

  • Susceptible to Ascochyta...

  • Northern region desi chickpea variety with improved disease resistance

  • Moderately resistant to Ascochyta blight and Phytopthora root rot

  • ...
  • Significant yield improvement over current varieties in eastern states

  • Rated MR to BYMV and MR/MS to CMV (SA rating)

  • Rated MR to Phomops...

  • High yielding, main season line

  • Australian Prime Hard Wheat (APH) classification for south-east zone.

  • Compact plant type with medium-sho...

  • High yielding, awnless winter wheat

  • Australian Standard white (ASW) classification for South east and Southern Zones

  • Ideal for graze and...

  • Highest yielding across all chickpea growing areas of Western Australia and high yileds in the low to medium rainfall areas of southern Australia

  • Exceptional grain yield

  • Domestic and export malt quality profile (malt accreditation decision expected March 2016)

  • Low screenings and hi...

  • Hart Bros pick for best Dual Purpose grain and graze variety, with good yeild and quality


  • Prime Hard (APH) winter wheat av...

  • Moderately Resistant/Resistant (MR/R) to ascocyta blight

  • Moderately Resistant (MR) to phytophthora root rot

  • High yielding

  • Tall erec...

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