Barley (Hordeum vulgare L) is a major winter cereal grain used to produce feed for livestock as well as malt product such as beer.


Barley prefers soils with a Ph (Cl) of greater than 5, can generally be sown later than wheat and is more tolerant to frost (-2 degrees celsius before damage occurs).


• Competitive growth habit with medium plant height

• Medium spring maturity with potential for early sowing

• Improvement in resistance to...

  • Very high yielding in low-medium rainfall environments

  • Quick maturity, almost a week quicker than Compass

  • Excellent performance in stres...

Variety Overview

MAXIMUS CL is an exceptionally high yielding, early to mid flowering, potential malt, imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant barley. MAXIMUS CL...

Bottler Barley is GrainSearch’s latest barley variety to be released in Australia.  Bottler is a mid-season maturity, high fermentability malting type...

  • Exceptional grain yield

  • Domestic and export malt quality profile (malt accreditation decision expected March 2016)

  • Low screenings and hi...

  • Hart Bros pick for a quick feed barley with long coleoptile (for planting at depth), strong early vigour and good height for potential fodder oppo...

  • Outstanding barley variety for consistant high yield and quality

  • Accredited for human consumption markets

  • inherent short coleoptile, ins...

  • Waratah Seeds Dual purpose Feed barley

  • Best suited to grain and grazing situations

  • Two row barley, adapted to early sowing, having early...

  • Early maturing malting barley, similar to Hindmarsh

  • Suited to low to medium rainfall areas

  • Erect, semi dwarf plant type

  • Good straw...

  • Early maturing, imidazolinone tolerant barley variety

  • Suited to low-medium rainfall areas

  • Erect, semi dwarf plant type similar to La Tro...

  • Highest yielding spring barley in 2016 NVT trials

  • Pan-European brewing variety

  • Excellent pest and disease profile

  • Excellent grain q...

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