Kokoda triticale from Waratah Seed Co Limited and Sydney University;

a dual purpose triticale with excellent grain quality, which is being used in beer...

  • Hart Bros Seeds recommends Vampire Ryecorn/ cereal rye for extremely vigorous growth and early grazing. Very suited to poor soils and revegetation...

  • Strong winter habit

  • Excellent yield after grazing compared to all other lines in the NSW mixed cereal trials

  • High yield in very dry seas...

  • Mid-Late season dual purpose triticale

  • Stripe rust replacement for Tobruk

  • Good grain recovery and test weights compared with other grazi...

  • Substantially better feed grain quality than Eurabbie

  • Low lignin husk

  • Winter growth habit

  • Mid maturity

  • Better disease resistan...

  • Mid sown variety similar to Yarran, good forage production, grian quality and yield. also suitable for hay production

  • Early maturing dual pur...

  • Waratah Seeds Dual purpose Feed barley

  • Best suited to grain and grazing situations

  • Two row barley, adapted to early sowing, having early...

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