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Seed Production

Hart Bros Seeds is situated in an ideal location for quality broadacre seed production. Drawing on growers in a 200km radius we can provide low, medium and high rainfall environments, as well as irrigation. This gives us the ability to minimise the risks involved in quality seed production, such as drought, floods, weather affected harvests, frost, disease, pests and other unforseen environmental constraints.


Our growers are some of the best in their districts, delivering Hart Bros quality seed by implementing best practice agronomy. A foundation of trust over many years’ has resulted in common diligence between HBS and its' growers to ensure that seed is harvested, handled and stored to the highest QA standards.


Hart Bros Seeds goes beyond industry standards by maintaining a comprehensive set of crop inspections conducted by our own inspectors. Steps include:

  1. Planning (November to May) – determine crop type and varieties to be grown, paddock selection, paddock history, generation to be planted, crop area, isolation required, etc.

  2. 1st Inspection (Z12-21 - June/July) – identify crop establishment, plant counts, weeds, pests and disease and any other issues that may impede performance.

  3. 2nd Inspection (Z21-34 – August) – monitor weed control efficacy, disease, pests nutrition and general crop health.

  4. 3rd Inspection (Flowering) – monitor varietal integrity, contamination, weeds, pest and disease, tiller counts and yield estimates as well as any other performance constraints.

Hart Bros Seeds works closely with seed breeders and marketers to ensure that quality germplasm is increased, maintained and delivered at a consistently high standard.

Contact us today for all your seed increase needs.

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