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Pacific Seeds is developing a major involvement in the wheat seed business Australia wide with the intention to bring to the market a range of varieties encompassing all the major quality types and adapted to all the major growing areas. Particular emphasis is being placed on APH; AH; APW; ASW; ASWN; durum and feed.


  • Slow-Spring maturing variety suitable for late April to Early May planting

  • High and stable yielding variety with APH classi...

  • A slow maturing Spring wheat with a unique set of maturity holds that allows it to be planted earlier in areas that don’t suit the traditional win...

  • Early Mid maturity for main season planting like Spitfire

  • 11% yield increase over LRPB Spitfire while maintaining similar protein accumulatio...

  • A high yeilding soft wheat - ASFT(soft) in South Eastern and Northern Zones

  • Mid season maturity suited to a main season planting

  • Market...

  • Semi erect variety with leaf rust resistance

  • Establishes in warmer soils (up to 28o C) more readily than most varieties

  • Ideal for early...

  • Good warm soil emergence (up to 28oC)

  • Produces large quantities of winter feed

  • Will remain vegetative into late spring

  • High dry mat...

  • Replacement for Hyola 971CL

  • Winter graze and grain variety with high-very high biomass

  • Clearfield tolerance

  • Group H Blackleg resist...

  • High yielding, mid-long season wheat

  • Excellent grain package

  • Moderately resistant to leaf rust and stripe rust, and moderately resistant...

  • A high yielding variety delivering increased yield in upside situations making it well suited

    to medium to higher rainfall areas of NSW and Qld

  • Mid-early maturity with a medium plant height

  • Triazine tolerance

  • Blackleg resistance

  • High oil content with moderate seedling vigour

  • Mid-late maturity with a medium plant height

  • Triazine tolerance

  • Blackleg resistance

  • High oil content with moderate seedling vigour

  • Industry benchmark for yield in early May plantings

  • Excellent yield potential in early to mid season sowings in Queensland and NSW

  • Mediu...

  • Hart Bros pick for dryland soft wheat with extreemly high yield

  • A high yeilding soft wheat - ASFT Biscuit in Northern, South Eastern and Sout...

  • A variety with a good solid grain package and disease resistance, holds up well to harvest rain (high falling numbers in 2011 compared with most o...

  • Ideal for Anzac day sowing window in SNSW, with an earlier planting window than Gregory.

  • Short plant type that doesn't produce as much biomas...

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