Oats - Historical

  • Suitable for lenient grazing and good recovery for grain in most areas. 

  • Quick early growth.

  • Early maturing

  • Straw of medium height...

  • Popular on the higher tablelands for very early sowing and long grazing, grain quality is generally poor compared with other dual purpose oat vari...

  • Grazing only type

  • Much smaller seed than most other varieties, so use lower seeding rates

  • Produces early feed and extended grazing

  • ...

  • Suitable for early sowing

  • Extended grazing and good grain recovery in most areas 

  • Early growth is slow 

  • Mid-season maturing

  • Me...

  • Highest yielding oat variety in WA agricultural zones

  • Tall mid-season maturing oat similar in height and maturity to Wandering

  • Similar h...

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