Pulse - Historical

  • Resistant / Moderately Resistant (R/MR) to Ascochyta Blight

  • Moderately susceptible (MS) to Phytophthora root rot

  • Very high yielding acro...

  • Softer seeded than other Woolly Pod Vetches

  • Reduces problems of volunteer Vetch plants

  • Suitable for grazing, hay and green manuring

  • ...
  • Farah is a direct Arabic translation for Fiesta and is a replacement for this popular variety.

  • 2% higher yielding than Fiesta in South Austra...

  • Early flowering faba bean with a buff-coloured seed

  • Fiesta consistently produces greater yields than Fiord

  • Agronomically similar to Fior...

  • Higher yielding in low to medium rainfall zones

  • Early to mid flowering and early maturing

  • Similar plant type to Kaspa

  • Disease resis...

  • High yielding, medium/tall, early flowering variety

  • Resistant to "Black Pod Syndrome" (BPS) which is a problem in cool, hgher-rainfall areas...

  • High yield potential

  • Mid-flowering for ealy sowing flexibility

  • Greater harvest height than Merrit.

  • Superior resistance to Phomopsis...

  • A large sized Kabuli type chickpea, subject to rainfall at podset.

  • Mod ascochyta blight resistance, more susceptible than Genesis 090.

  • F...

  • White flowered "blue peas" (green Seeded) suitable for human consumption or livestock feed

  • Early maturity, semi-leaflesserect plant type

  • ...
  • Improved resistance to ascochyta, chocolate spot and rust.

  • Shorter than Fiesta and Farah. Has improved stem strength and is less inclined to...

  • A bitter free Albus Lupin released in 2005 by NSW DPI

  • Higher yielding than Kiev, Luxor and Ultra

  • Later flowering and taller than Luxor

  • ...
  • Higher yielding in short season, low rainfall zones

  • Early flowering and early maturing

  • Similar plant type to Kaspa

  • Disease resistan...

  • White flowers: white seed and yellow cotyledons

  • Semi-leafless with very erect growth habit to medium height

  • Quick or early maturity

  • ...
  • Wonga is an early flowering, moderate yielding narrowleaf lupin 

  • It is moderatley tall and vigorous and stands erect. 

  • Wonga is resistan...

  • A kabuli chickpea with improved ascochyta blight resistance.

  • Yield greater than current large seeded kabuli chickpea varieties.

  • Greater...

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