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MAJOR WHEAT - Pacific Seeds

High yielding Mid Slow Maturity with a flexible mid season sowing window suitable for Early to Mid May seeding opportunities across Southern NSW

In Victoria LRPB Major suits sowing in the seeding window prior to Scepter, which has been used widely by growers of Trojan and Rockstar

Excellent disease package for SNSW/Vic production systems with good Septoria tritici resistance, combined with a compact canopy to aid in stubble management

Strong performance in yield trials on both acid and sodic soils

LRPB Major has AH classification in both the South East (Sth NSW) and Southern (SA/VIC) classification zones. Classification for the Northern zone (Nth NSW/QLD) is expected prior to sowing in 2024


LRPB Major has demonstrated high yields across a range of seasons while under yield testing within the LongReach Plant Breeders field program since 2018. Consistently out yielding Beckom throughout the program by 2-3% it was first entered into early season NVT trials across Southern NSW and Victoria in 2022.


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